Intraoperative radiotherapy

I-Mob is making its way.

I-Mob is making its way. The new all-in-one add on console, is ready to be delivered to the first users.

A new tool that will integrate the Mobetron in the Hospital information flow, and will manage all treatments, with a perfect integration with the existing managing tools, working on different platform inside the Hospital, is ready to be delivered and will start its use in the next couple of weeks. I-Mob will be calibrated at each facility according to the end user’s needs."
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    SASRO 2015,

    ESTRO Vienna,

    DEGRO Hamburg,

    ASTRO San Antonio,

    2014 Köln, 4.

    Kölner Symposium,

    ASTRO San Francisco,

    AIRO Padova, and local scientific events.

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