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Cancer Journey Apps

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a Personalized Patient Experience Platform that empowers patients to manage the clinical, social and emotional aspects of their illness journey. We have leveraged this platform to create the “My Cancer Journey” app, that can be used for any type of cancer or non-cancer diagnosis.

Patient and Support Network Value

CancerJourneyApps create a “Personalized Patient ExperienceTM” by supporting the emotional, clinical and social needs of patients and their families....

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    You can find us at the following meetings:

    SASRO 2015,

    ESTRO Vienna,

    DEGRO Hamburg,

    ASTRO San Antonio,

    2014 Köln, 4.

    Kölner Symposium,

    ASTRO San Francisco,

    AIRO Padova, and local scientific events.

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